About Us

Pensuasive Scientific Writing was established to help and support you in the process of your proposal preparation.

We are first and most of all scientists. Therefore, just like many of you, we understand well the hopes and effort involve in grant applications and the frustration when these are not successful. Our scientific background allows us go beyond superficial writing advice and develop with you the proposal at hand.

We have successful experience with a variety of funding schemes, including consortium funding (for example, Horizon 2020 Societal Challenges Funding) and individual funding schemes (like ERC, MSCA).

Pensuasive Scientific Writing is unique in its experience on mobility, in particular to Europe and North America. We know from experience that the application to a novel funding agency is further jeopardized by the lack of sufficient information or experienced support on the specific funding schemes.

Our method is to use our extensive experience in a tailored manner to help you achieve your goals. As every grant is different, we design specific plans for each client, depending on the research field, the writing stage, the funding source, the time left until the deadline etc. Therefore, to support you, we look forward to discuss with you what are your needs and how we can help you reach them.